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Nesia Food

Tic Tac Rasa Sapi Panggang

Tic Tac Rasa Sapi Panggang

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MHD: 09.02.2025

90 grams

Ingredients: Tapiocast strength, palm oil (contains antioxidant TBHQ (E319)), grilled cattle spice (contains: garlic powder, Soy sauce, Spices, dextrin, yeast extract, barbecue taste, beef taste, Hydrolyzed herbal protein,
Flavor enhancers (Dinatrium Guanylate (E627)), Dinatrium
Sinat (E631), artificial sweetener Acesulfame-K (E950),
Antiback agent silicon dioxide (E551)), flavor enhancers
Mononatrium glutamate (E621), salt, sugar, garlic, sesame,
Artificial sweetener aspartam (E951).

Contains allergens, see fat printed list of ingredients.

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