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Nutrijell Jelly Powder Natural White

Nutrijell Jelly Powder Natural White

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MHD: 04/30/2024

15 grams

Jelly Powder White from Nutrjell is an instant jelly powder with no taste that is easy to prepare. Delicious and quick.

Jelly powder
Gelee desserts are a very nice dessert that you can prepare in different flavors and colors. The nice thing about jelly is that it is transparent and can therefore be presented well in combination with fruits. Contains vitamin D, potassium and fiber.

Differences between gelatin and gulaman
While gelatin is a protein made of bone, Gulaman is a vegetable carbohydrate made of seaweed. This distinction makes Gulaman suitable for those who are not allowed to eat gelatin for religious or cultural reasons. Another big difference between these two is that gelatin dissolves in hot water, but boiling water is required to dissolve Gulaman. In contrast to gelatin, which hardens at refrigerator temperature, Gulaman hardens at room temperature

Preparation notes

  1. Mix the Nutrijell with 200 g of sugar or to taste well
  2. Pour 700 ml of water into the mixture
  3. Stir well until it has dissolved and let it cook
  4. Switch off the stove, wait 3 minutes and then add fruit acid (is with) and stir well
  5. Pour the jelly into a shape and put it in the fridge
  6. Place the bottom of the mold in hot water and serve on a plate

Ingredients :

Sugar, maltodextrin, acid regulator, Carrageenan (17%), vegetable stabilizer, konjakpulver, calcium lactate, fructotoligosaccharides (FOS), vitamin D (contains tocopherol-antioxidans).

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