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Kobe Boncabe Level 30

Kobe Boncabe Level 30

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MHD: 06/17/2024

40 grams

Kobe Boncabe Level 30: Experience extremely sharp Indonesian spice mix for brave palate

Kobe Boncabe Level 30 sparks the ultimate sharpness experience with this extremely sharp Indonesian spice mix of dried chili peppers, spices and flavors. Ideal for sharp food lovers who want to raise their dishes to a new sharpness level. Use it to season rice, pasta, meat and vegetables and discover the explosive sharpness of Indonesian cuisine.

Ingredients :

Dried chilli (60%), fried shallots, salotts, powdered sugar, taste amplifier (mononatrium glutamate, dinatrium 5 ' - inosinate, dinatrium 5' guanilate), castor sugar, vegetable oil, garlic powder, onion powder, yeast extract.

 Can contain: gluten, crustaceans, fish and molluscs.

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