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Ketan Hitam

Ketan Hitam

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MHD: 02/25/2024

300 grams

Exotic black glue rice: authentic ketan hitam for versatile sweet and hearty dishes

Discover the versatile and taste -intensive world of Ketan Hitam, our high -quality black adhesive rice, which is used in many Southeast Asian countries for a variety of traditional dishes. Our Ketan Hitam comes from selected cultivation areas and offers you the opportunity to prepare authentic sweetness and hearty recipes in your own kitchen.

With its unique dark purple to black color and the sticky texture, our Ketan Hitam is ideal for preparing delicious desserts such as the traditional bubur Ketan Hitam, a sweet rice pudding that is served with coconut milk or coconut cream. The black adhesive rice can also develop its flavors in hearty dishes such as rice balls, sushi or side dishes.

Our Ketan Hitam is delivered in a packaging that preserves the quality and freshness of the rice. The preparation is simple and uncomplicated, so that you can serve delicious and authentic Southeast Asian dishes in no time.

Give your kitchen an exotic note and discover the fascinating aromas of the Ketan Hitam. Order today and be inspired by the versatility of this unique travel!



Black glue rice

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