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Kerupuk Rawon White

Kerupuk Rawon White

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MHD: 30.06.2026

250 grams


Krupuk Bawang Rawon, a delicious garlic cracker to bake yourself. Due to the many colors, a nice appearance with your dish.

Krupuk Bawang Rawon
Krupuk Bawang Rawon is a vegetarian cracker with tapiocame flour and garlic as the main ingredient. This product is available in its raw shape and must therefore be baked. Have you ever baked crab crackers? This is very nice to do, turning off the crackers remains nice to look at and the different colors of these crackers make it a cozy dish.


  1. Heat oil in a pan to about 190 ° C.
  2. Carefully place a few pieces in the hot oil.
  3. Slowly move the cracker in the oil
  4. The Shrimp Crack extends quickly and then it is ready.
  5. Take out the cracker and drain on kitchen paper.



Tapiocame flour, garlic, sugar, salt.

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