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Kerupuk Matahari

Kerupuk Matahari

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MHD: 30.01.2026

250 grams

Experience the authentic taste of Indonesia with Kerupuk Matahari! These crispy garlic crackers are a popular side dish or snack in Indonesia and are often dried under the sun to make it even crispier.

Our Kerupuk Matahari are made of high -quality tapiocame flour, garlic, sugar and salt and offer a delicious and spicy taste. They are crispy and light and are perfect as a side dish for your favorite dish or as a delicious snack.

It is unique in Kerupuk Matahari that they are dried under the sun, which makes them even crispier and delicious. Enjoy the distinctive taste of Indonesia and the unique aroma of freshly dried garlic crackers.

These Kerupuk are raw and still have to be fried.

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