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Intra Jahe Susu

Intra Jahe Susu

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MHD: 09.06.2024

5 x 25 grams

Intra Jahe Susu is a delicious and healthy drink from Indonesia, which is made from ginger and milk. It is a tasty and refreshing way to enjoy the soothing properties of ginger and milk.

Ginger has many health -promoting properties, including its ability to reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system. It can also help reduce nausea and improve digestion. Milk is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, which are important for bone health.

Intra Jahe Susu combines the advantages of ginger and milk in a delicious and refreshing drink. It has a pleasantly spicy taste with a hint of sweetness and a creamy texture through the milk. It is also easy to prepare and can be served hot or cold.

Overall, intra Jahe Susu is a delicious and healthy alternative to sugary or caffeine -containing drinks. It is an easy way to enjoy the advantages of ginger and milk and take a refreshing drink.

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