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Emping Balado - Ratu Culinair

Emping Balado - Ratu Culinair

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MHD: 23.12.2023

150 grams

Emping Balado is a popular Indonesian dish that combines empering (a kind of crispy cracker made of melinjo nuts) with Balado sauce (a sharp and acidic sauce made of chilli, tomatoes, shallots and other spices). The court is often served as a snack or starter.

Ratu Culinair is a culinary company based in Indonesia that specializes in the production of a large number of traditional Indonesian snacks and dishes, including emp - Balado. The company uses high -quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods to create authentic and tasty Indonesian cuisine.

Ingredients :

Emping, sugar, salt, red peppers, garlic, onions, coriander, taste amplifier E621, food acid E260, preservatives E202, E211, modified corn starch, dye, sunflower oil

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