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Dua Belibis Saus Cabe

Dua Belibis Saus Cabe

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MHD: 03.01.2025

535 ml

Dua Belibi's sauce Cabe is a spicy chilli sauce from Indonesia, which is made from high -quality, selected chillies. The sauce has a medium sharpness and gives its dishes a delicious spice.

The sauce is versatile and is ideal as a dip or for seasoning dishes such as pasta, rice, meat, vegetables or tofu. You can also use them as a marinade to give your grill dishes an extra sharpness.

Dua Belibi's sauce Cabe is produced according to traditional Indonesian recipes and contains no artificial dyes. The carefully selected ingredients, including fresh chillies, vinegar and spices, ensure a unique taste and an unforgettable culinary experience.

Try the Dua Belibis Sauce Cabe and discover the authentic taste of Indonesia!

Advantages of the chilli sauce (unique selling point):
Made from high -quality ingredients
Chili and onion taste in higher concentration than with similar products on the market
BPOM, HALAL, ISO 2000 and HACCP certified
Corresponds to the GMP and food safety standards

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