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Deka Wafer Roll Minibites Matcha

Deka Wafer Roll Minibites Matcha

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MHD: 09.08.2024

170 grams

Deka Wafer Roll Minibites Matcha are a delicious treat from Indonesia that is perfect for all Matcha lovers. These small waffle rolls are filled with a creamy and delicious matcha filling that has a subtle but distinctive taste.

The miniature size makes you perfect for on the go or to share with friends and family. The crispy waffle dough harmonizes perfectly with the creamy matcha filling, which has a touch of bitterness and a pleasant sweetness. Matcha is a popular Japanese green tea powder that is known for its rich taste and health benefits.

Deka Wafer Roll Minibites Matcha are a perfect choice for everyone who love exotic flavors and like to try new snacks. Whether as a sweet snack for in between or as a dessert after a meal, these waffle rolls will certainly spoil your taste buds. Try it today!

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