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Cobek Batu 24 cm

Cobek Batu 24 cm

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Cobek Große Marribus and Stößel is a real Indonesian mortar that is suitable for grinding dry or fresh herbs.

Cobek Grob mortar and pistill
This mortar is one of the oldest cooking harnesses in Indonesian cuisine. This type of mortar is used to grind fresh or dried herbs into a paste. When using a mortar, the flavors and taste are better extracted from the herbs.

Before using mortar and pestle
When you use the mortar for the first time, cans can be canceled. We recommend using the mortar for the first time with raw rice. Grind the rice to white powder until there is no stone. After this treatment you can grind peanuts or grated coconut. By grinding the nuts or grated coconut you press from these ingredients oil, which forms a kind of coating on the inside of the mortar. After this treatment, the mortar is ready for use.


Weight approx. 3kg
Outside Ø approx. 24
Height approx. 4cm

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