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Cetakan Lapis Beras / Sagu

Cetakan Lapis Beras / Sagu

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LXBXH = 20 x 10 x 7

Cetakan Lapis Beras/Sagu is a special baking pan in Indonesian cuisine that is used to produce traditional layer cakes from rice or sago. The term "Cetakan Lapis Beras/Sagu" literally means "layer form for rice/sago".

This shape is made of aluminum. The shapes are robust and durable and are available in different sizes and shapes to meet different needs and preferences.

In Indonesian cuisine, Cetakan Lapis Beras/Sagu are often used to bake traditional layer cakes such as Kue Lapis Legit or Kue Lapis Beras. The layers give this cake their unique texture and their distinctive taste.

Cetakan Lapis Beras/Sagu is an indispensable tool in Indonesian cuisine and a must for those who would like to prepare traditional Indonesian desserts. Try it out and enjoy the delicious and unique aromas of Indonesian shift cakes!

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