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Cap Ibu Sambal Bajak

Cap Ibu Sambal Bajak

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MHD: 15.09.2024

230 grams

Cap Ibu Sambal Bajak is a spice mix from Indonesia, which is made by the well -known Indonesian brand Cap IBU. The mixture consists of various ingredients such as red chilli pepper, garlic, onions, tamarind paste, palm sugar and salt. Depending on the manufacturer, the mixture can also contain shrimp paste (terasi).

CAP IBU Sambal Bajak is often used as a dip sauce for fried or grilled dishes or as seasoning in dishes such as Nasi Goreng or Gado-Gado. The mixture gives the dishes a spicy, sharp and slightly sweet taste.

Cap IBU is a well -known brand for Sambal and other spice mixtures in Indonesia. The brand is known for its quality and authenticity and offers a wide range of spice mixtures that are widespread in Indonesian cuisine. Cap Ibu Sambal Bajak is a great choice for those who want to enjoy the authentic aroma and taste of Indonesian cuisine.

Ingredients :

Chilli, tomato, shallots, garlic, kemir lows, salt, lemong grass powder, tamarind, vegetable oil, monotrium glutamate, potassium sorbate.

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