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Butter Wijsman

Butter Wijsman

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MHD: 11.10.2025

454 grams

Discover the rich taste of Dutch Indonesian cuisine with our high-quality Wijsman Holland Dutch Butter! This butter is an important part of Indonesian cuisine.

Use our Wijsman Holland Dutch butter to bake traditional Indonesian desserts such as Kue Lapis or Kue Bolu or to cook dishes such as Nasi Goreng or Bami Goreng. Our butter gives each dish a delicious, rich and creamy taste that delights the taste buds.

We guarantee that our Wijsman Holland Dutch butter is of the highest quality and is made from the best ingredients. Trust that you get a product that lifts your dishes to a new level of taste.

Now get our Wijsman Holland Dutch butter and experience the rich taste of Dutch-Indtonese cuisine in your own kitchen! Order today and enrich your dishes with the incomparable taste of our butter.


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