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Vanka Kawat

Boncabe Makaroni Crispy Snack Level 15

Boncabe Makaroni Crispy Snack Level 15

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MHD: 28.08.2024

150 grams

Boncabe Makaroni Crispy Snack Level 15 is a popular snack in Indonesia. These are crispy pasta pieces that are seasoned with a spice mix called Boncabe Level 15. Boncabe Level 15 is known for its extreme sharpness and is often referred to as one of the sharpest spices in Indonesia.

The Boncabe Makaroni Crispy Snacks are often eaten as a side dish or enjoyed as an independent snack. The combination of crispy texture and spicy taste makes you a popular snack for many Indonesians.

It is important to note that Boncabe Makaroni Crispy Snack Level 15 can be extremely sharp and is not suitable for humans who are sensitive to sharp foods. It is recommended to eat the snack slowly and to keep a little water or milk if necessary to cool your mouth.


macaroni, Sharp spices level 15 (chili powder, fried shallots, salotts, castor sugar, mononatrium glutamate, vegetable oil, shallot powder, onion powder, Dinatrium-5'-glutamate, yeast extract), vegetable oil.

Allergens: contains allergens, see fat printed dots, manufactured with devices that also process: milk, celery, soybeans, fish, crustaceans

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