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Bawang Putih Goreng

Bawang Putih Goreng

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MHD: 30.03.2024

75 grams

Bawang Putih Goreng, also known as fried cloves of garlic, is an important ingredient in Indonesian cuisine. It gives your dish an intensive garlic taste and a crispy texture that makes it an indispensable ingredient in many Indonesian dishes.

You can use Bawang Putih Goreng as a topping for soups, salads, rice or pasta dishes or enjoy it as a snack or side dish. It is easy to use and gives your dish a new aroma in no time at all.

Try Bawang Putih Goreng as a spicy set on your favorite dish or serve it as a delicious snack in between. You can buy it in Indonesian grocery stores or online or simply prepare it at home.

Bring the intensive garlic taste of Indonesian cuisine to your own four walls with Bawang Putih Goreng!


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