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Ardani keripik speed

Ardani keripik speed

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MHD: 07.04.2024

Try the Ardani Keripik speed! Traditional fermented tempeh chips made, delicious roasted, crisp & perfectly seasoned. When eating, picnic or as a quick snack option. Our pace will inspire you!


150 grams

Tempe Crackers from Ardani are crispy soy crackers who are already finished to enjoy.

Tempre cracker
A delicious Indonesian snack that extends the snack range with the necessary variety. Delicious crispy thin pieces of crackers.

What is pace
Temples are dried soybeans that roughly chopped and then washed, soaked, ground and cooked. In order to get the pace of the white blocks as we know it, the dried soybeans are then mixed in a form. After storing in special shapes, the fermentation process begins at a temperature of 30-35 ° C. After 2-3 days, the beans take on a firm solid shape.


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