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ABC Sambal Terasi Pouch

ABC Sambal Terasi Pouch

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MHD: 28.10.2024


ABC Sambal Terasi is a sharp chili paste from Indonesia, which is made from red chili peppers, terasi (shrimp paste), sugar, oil, garlic and spices. Terasi is a traditional ingredient in Indonesian cuisine and is often used as a spice paste. It is a paste made of fermented small shrimp, which is mixed with salt and spices such as garlic and chilli and then sun -dried. Terasi gives the Sambal Terasi its characteristic taste and aroma.

Sambal Terasi is usually served as a side dish such as fried rice, fried vegetables, soups or grilled meat. It is also a popular ingredient in many Indonesian dishes and is often used as a spice agent to improve the taste of dishes.

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