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ABC Kecap Extra Pedas

ABC Kecap Extra Pedas

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MHD: 04.08.2024

275 ml

Go on a culinary journey with our ABC Kecap Extra Pedas, the traditional Indonesian soy sauce with a sharp kick! With its intensive flavors and balanced sharpness, this sauce lifts its dishes to a new level.

ABC Kecap Extra Pedas is made from fermented soybeans and refined with selected spices and chillies to create their distinctive sharp taste. The dark, robust sauce gives its dishes a depth that goes beyond the pure level of sharpness.

Ideal for those who like to enjoy their dishes with an additional portion of spices can be used by our ABC Kecap Extra Pedas both when cooking and as a dip or marinade. It complements a variety of dishes and gives them an authentic, spicy Indonesian touch.

Discover the unique taste of ABC Kecap Extra Pedas and transform your kitchen into a culinary hotspot. Whether you want to prepare a piquant Indonesian dish or give your favorite dish a new kick - our sharp soy sauce is the perfect companion. It is more than just a spice sauce - she is her ticket for an exciting taste experience.

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