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Indomie Rasa Kari Ayam

Indomie Rasa Kari Ayam

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MHD: 10.07.2024

80 grams

Indomie Rasa Kari Ayam is an instant-noodle judicial variant from Indonesia with a delicious curry chicken taste. It is quick and easy to prepare by cooking the pasta in boiling water and adding the spice and oil packages.

Indomie Rasa Kari Ayam is a practical and affordable meal option that is perfect for people who need a quick and easy meal. It is ideal for students, working people or people who are on the go.

The noodles have a pleasant consistency and the curry chicken taste is aromatic and delicious. The dish is versatile and can be supplemented with various ingredients such as eggs, vegetables or meat.

Overall, Indomie Rasa Kari Ayam is a delicious and comfortable meal option for everyone who is looking for a quick and easy meal. It is also an affordable option for families or people who want to buy in large quantities.

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