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Vanka Kawat

Kokki Djawa - Bubuk Kunyit

Kokki Djawa - Bubuk Kunyit

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30 grams

Bubuk Kunyit is the Indonesian term for ground turmeric, a spice with an intense yellow color and a mild, earthy taste. Turmeric is obtained from the roots of the turmeric plant and is an essential part of Indonesian cuisine.

Our Bubuk Kunyit is obtained from the high -quality turmeric roots and carefully ground to create a fine and aromatic powder. It is the ideal spice for many Indonesian dishes such as Nasi Kuning, Sate and Rendang.

But Bubuk Kunyit also has many health -promoting properties. It contains a strong active ingredient called curcumin that has an anti -inflammatory and antioxidant effect and offers a variety of health advantages. Bubuk Kunyit can also be used for digestive problems and to support the immune system.

Use Bubuk Kunyit to bring your Indonesian dishes to the next level or to support your health - or simply to enjoy the unique color and taste of turmeric. Order now and discover Bubuk Kunyit's versatility!

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